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Monday, May 23, 2022

Vintage Loaves: A Treat For The Soul!

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They say that a good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all food. Bread has really gone a long way, from shapes to sizes, flavors, and variants. Still, we want to go back to basics. A classic freshly baked bread to satisfy the soul.

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Vintage Loaves offers classic breads and pastries that most of us grew up eating. They wanted to showcase the treats that we miss and hopefully for us to love it again.

We start of with the Plain Banana Bread, I haven’t seen it like this for a while. Now, it’s usually sold sliced and placed on small plastic pockets. It arrived in my place warm, the crust is crisp and it smells so fresh.

This bread is moist and tender but you would be able to hold a firm slice. The caramel brown crust is topped with melted sugar to make it more enticing. It has a strong banana flavor that we all like. It looks so perfect that I had to take lots of photos before I eat it! Basically, it’s the perfect banana bread. It’s like a classic cartoon that rekindled my childhood memories. You may also try their walnut and choco chip flavor.

The Truffle Brownie is one of their best sellers. For me, everything with chocolate is good. This one has 3 layers for your sweet buds to explore.

Indulge in this deep dark chocolate experience. The top is a crunchy layer sprinkled with cocoa powder. The center is a sea of truffles that ends with a bite full of rich chocolate cake. I love its bittersweet taste that makes it more luscious! Hands down, it’s so good!

Aside from banana bread and truffle brownie, they also offer carrot and chocolate bread, lemon pound cake, crinkles, cheese pimiento spread, crinkles, chewy chocolate chip and cold brews of different flavors.

Vintage Loaves gives an exciting take to timeless eats. Order now and experience a hearty bread.

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