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Monday, May 16, 2022

Urbanessence Brings Skin Care Clinic Treatments At The Comfort Of Your Home!

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Urbanessence Beauty and Wellness  Center is known for its high- quality of services ranging from body and skin care treatments to spa and holistic approach. With the pandemic crisis, the brand is seeking other measures to encourage more clients to live the new normal. Now, they are reintroducing their skin care line to the public. Treatments only clinics can do is now possible to be made at home with their highly advance products.

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RF slimming, ultrasonic treatments, EMS, Galvanic and LED therapy are  in your fingertips with the Multifunctional Skin Care Device. The 5 in 1 Magic Wand promises to give the best results. It’s now on 50% sale for just P1,999.

Wanted to have that pinkish glow on your face? This pinkist glow set promises to hydrate skin, minimize pores, protects skin from sun damage and lightens blemishes. It comes with a facial toner, glow cream, sunblock and tomato soap. You can buy this set for only P269.

Next, they also have the Underarm Whitening Set. It has an intensive whitenening soap, deo spray and whitening cream. Actually, I’m excited to use it because it promises to show noticeable results in just a few weeks.

One of their interesting products is the collagen snail serum. It comes from a concentration of snail mucus extract that brightens the skin, improves skin regeneration and remove fine lines. This is surely a home care skin treatment that’s proven safe and effective.

To help us keep sane to diseases, here is the portable ultraviolet dissecfection rod. It cleans all surfaces from unseen grems through ultraviolet rays. It’s a handy and timely product that is very useful today.

Urbanessence home skin care line gives us a full care treatment at a very affordable price. It also encourage us to stay indoors. Beauty is within reach we just need to grab it. For more information and orders here’s their Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/urbanessencespa/

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