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The Cliffhouse Laguna Hot Spring Resort: Your Own Haven Near Manila!

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This year, most of us have already forgotten about summer. The craziest and exciting season of all was turned into a pandemic crisis. Still, hopes are very high that Filipinos can surpass this challenge and there are a lot of things to look forward to after this ends. Probably one of the things that I’m gonna visit again is The Cliffhouse Laguna Hot Spring Resort, a hidden oasis just 1 hour away from Alabang.

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The Cliffhouse Laguna Hot Spring Resort is a premiere boutique resort located right at the foot of Mount Makiling in Los Baños Laguna.

Going here is pretty easy, there are a lot of local transportation and for private vehicles just use the Google maps, the establishment is listed there so there will be no hassle. Its inside a Subdivision like most resorts in Laguna.

Cliffhouse Laguna boast its indoor infinity pool which has a jacuzzi and mini kiddie pool. It’s natural hot spring water so you can submerge longer.

The best part of it is the view! Just imagine dipping with an amazing lake view right front of you. I’ve actually stayed here for like 3 hours, relaxing and taking photos. At night, it has dancing lights beneath the waters so that guest can enjoy their pool more.

The resort has other features to experience. Its complete with entertainment that most clients wants when inside a private resort.

They have a standard size billard table. Men will surely love playing pool.

Singing all night long is not a problem here because they have a Karoke room. Just close the sliding doors and your good to sing til dawn.

It’s also state of the art, it has huge surround sound speakers, standard microphones and 42 inch flat screen TV.

You can also cook inside the resort they are complete with rice cookers, stove, barbecue pit and refrigerator to store your meats.

Cliffhouse Laguna has 5 accomodation to choose from. They also have common area where you can watch TV or you may bring your own gaming console to play.

The deluxe room is pretty standard. It’s fully air-conditioned and it has its own bathroom.

Their Family room can house up to 6 people. It’s comfortable and functional.

The rooms here is simple but the view is stunning. Waking up in a room like this is totally incredible, it’s worth every penny.

The resort has a huge open area for parties and conferences. It’s fitted with funky designs and stylish lounges.

The outdoor dining area is also interesting. Enjoying your meal in a lush of greens and fresh air is amazing.


Overall, I had a wonderful time at The Cliffhouse Laguna Hot Spring  Resort. It’s a perfect place for families and friends to unwind and have fun. It’s one of the best private resort in Laguna that I’ve been to. It’s complete with entertainment, infinity pool with a breathtaking view and the price is reasonable. Staying here is truly a value for your money. Once the lockdown is lifted, I will definitely go back here again.

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