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Monday, May 23, 2022

The Baked Hub Elevates Oven Cooked Goodness!

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During this time where people can’t do the usual we find ways to forget and discover other things that might give us a bit of happiness. For me, it’s satisfying my food cravings which is  definitely gratifying. No more dine-ins for now but a new wave of delectable delivery grubs arises.

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One of them is the Baked Hub, a specialty oven bake store that offers fresh and tasty eats. The company is based in Malabon which is a bit far from the south but through their efforts to do hassle- free delivery  service it came to me just fine.

The Baked Hub started out as frozen goods supplier but through their innovative ideas and products that they already have, they decided to venture in into this business. Honestly, their orders are full almost everyday so I’m just lucky enough to taste it.

From hot meals to cakes, pastries, and rotisserie there are a lot to try out but one thing that made me interested about it is their Chessy Baked Salmon.

This dish is just perfect! The meat is so tender! I love how it blends with the melted cheese together the herbs and seasonings. It has the right saltiness to it with the kick of awesome spice to make it exceptional. It’s truly a must try!

I might not be able to go out for more than 2 months but I have explored new grounds of flavors that elevated oven baked recipes. If you wanna have a new great food experience, check out The Baked Hub FB page and order. https://m.facebook.com/thebakedhub/

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