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Tesalate Towels: Design Meets Functionality.

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I love working out. Getting fit is not just to look slim but to have a better health. Having an active lifestyle needs tools that is functional. One of my dilemmas is using huge and soggy towels while doing my zumba routines. It’s very uncomfortable using it. It’s hard on the skin and it’s not handy. Good thing, I have learned about Tesalate.

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Tesalate is a product made from Australia. They have workout towels that is easy to carry and effective. It also has antimicrobial additive that fights bacteria and fungi so you are assured that it’s always clean and safe to use.

These towels are non- smelly expect a fresh towel with every use. Working out with Tesalate Towels is fun and worry free.

It has the perfect size, you can roll it up to make it much smaller. Travelling with it is always with ease. Say goodbye to overweight flight baggage.

What I love about most is the design. It’s fancy, original, bright and fashionable. Expect a colorful prints that is original. Every time I use it, I feel proud because it looks good on me. Set the trend with your Tesalate Towels

The design is also double sided so that you can determine which side is for the mat and body. It’s also powered with Absorblite fabric which is fast absorbant and easy to dry compared to regular towels.

Tesalate made a huge buzz because of it’s sand free beach towels. It’s their flagship product that made them one of the most trusted brand in Australia. They are the expert in Textile innovation that revolutionize beach towels to be handy, easy dry, and more fun to use. It also has an advanced sand-resistant fabric technology so expect a sand-free towels while drying up in the beach.

I’m truly satisfied with my Tesalate Towels. Use it to believe it. Check out their website to order.

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