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Monday, May 16, 2022

QuaranWings: Redefining Quarantine With Amazing Wings!

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The pandemic has brought us a crisis that we’ve never experienced before. However, this challenge has encourage more Filipinos to bring out their creative entrepreneurial skills to keep afloat. For some, the dream of having their own business is finally coming true. This is the case with QuaranWings.

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The quarantine period has been the inspiration for the brand. QuaranWings’ goal is to provide quality chicken wings for people to enjoy at home.

Chicken cravings cannot be hindered by the lock down. In just a few months, they have grown into 4 branches located at Quezon City, Caloocan, Angeles City and Baguio. Hardwork, dedication, and tasty wings is their secret to success.

With a lot of restaurants that are basically offering the same thing, why choose Quaranwings? Let’s take a closer look to what I have ordered.

The garlic parmesan wings has always been my favorite. Their version actually passed with flying colors based on my standards. The wings are quite huge which I prefer. The skin is juicy and packed with a decent crisp. It has a strong garlicky taste and the cheese adds texture to this dish. It’s a must try!

All their meats are floured and fried the same way so expect it to have the same crunch and tenderness. The sauces and seasonings are the ones giving it a distinct taste.

Just like their salted egg wings. It’s just amazingly addictive! You would  keep grubbing for more. It has the right saltiness with the mushy feel of the salted egg mixed to perfection.

For a healthier option, try their crab stick rolls. It has a sticky outer layer but on the inside it’s full of fresh veggies and crab sticks. The sauce is good as well.

They also made it fast and convenient for customers to order. There are a lot of delivery options that will meet your needs.

QuaranWings has defied the crisis and turned it into something delightful. Quality and affordability made them a contender in this war of the wings. Choose QuaranWings and let them satisfy you. For more information check out https://m.facebook.com/quaranwings2020/

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