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Musubiyuki: Experience A Taste of Hawaii!

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Musubi originated in Hawaii. The Japanese-Americans has created this simple meal. Nobody thinks that it could be a buzz since the main ingredient is just a canned food. Basically, it consist of sliced grilled spam between two layers of rice, wrapped in nori and seasoned with the finest umami. Musubi is quite a culinary discovery, this inspired Musubiyuki to open a business that caters fast, easy, and tasty grub.

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Musubiyuki has made two variants of musubi for customers to enjoy. The musubig and musubites. In other words, the big and small version! I just love how the flavors burst into my mouth. It has the right saltiness and savory goodness. Expect amazing layers of texture from the spam to the briny seaweed. This is such a wonderful take on the musubi.

The company only uses the finest ingredients unlike others who are using other canned meat. They keep it real and authentic!

It’s not just about musubi here, they also have the spench. Spam, eggs, cheese and toast.

I can eat this all day! Spench elevates the meaty taste of the spam together with the cheese and eggs. It’s actually a basic meal but it’s one of the best comfort food for me.

It’s also an affordable treat. Their prices are low so more people can have the opportunity to try it.

It’s actually my first time to try it so I don’t really know if the taste is authentic enough. One is for sure, it’s delicious. Try Musubiyuki because they will satisfy your urge for a new delight. For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/musubiyuki/

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