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Midnight Brewer: Cold Brew In A Bottle!

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From what is happening in the world today, take a sip, everything gets better with coffee. I hope it is this easy to forget the sorrows and heartaches this pandemic has brought us. Although, I must agree that with a great cup of coffee, it could make us feel a little better. Oh wait, it’s not in a cup, it’s in this bottle.

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Midnight Brewer is an up and coming brand that offers excellent cold coffee brews. The owner has years of experience as a senior barista and he wanted to share his concoctions to more people. One of his best sellers is the Black Brew. Straight up drink with no artificial flavorings just the natural fruity kick of coffee that will amaze you.

Next is mocha, I got to say it’s my favorite because it has the right sweetness to it, the coffee is still the dominant taste unlike others which is just full of sweeteners. This drink is quite strong, I was awake all night so I can tell that it has a strong shot of espresso on it. Just order this and you will never go wrong.

Lastly, the white coffee. It’s pretty light and smooth. I love this mix as well because it can give you a calming experience. Midnight Brewer goes back into basics with their blends. Thumbs up to that! Most of us are caught up with international coffee shops that continuously offering over the top coffee concoctions to attack more drinkers. Most of us forget about the basics that brought coffee to greatness. Midnight Brewer will make you love the real taste of coffee again.

For more information and orders check out their Instagram page https://instagram.com/midnightbrewer.ph?igshid=34qo9nfsravs

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