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Lucy’s Kitchen: Hearty Home-Cooked Meals For Everyone!

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Nothing beats home-cooked meals! It’s probably one of the most popular sayings but it’s true. Home- cooking is given much love, attention, and hard work in providing the tastiest dish for your family. This what inspired Lucy’s Kitchen to emulate, healthy and premium comfort food for all.

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The business is owned by Bianca Inopea, a renowned make up artist. It’s always been her dream to showcase her mom’s heirloom recipes. Hence, the birth of Lucy’s Kitchen. They are committed in using only the finest ingredients in their menu. Get ready to savor the good stuff!

Callos is a Spanish dish with more than 300 years of existence in our Filipino cook books. They’ve made their own version by replacing the beef tripe, ox feet with lean beef and longanissa. It also has fresh olives to give a more distinct taste.

The meat is so tender. I love how it just melts in your mouth. The sauce is authentic, the spices are combined well to make it perfect.

The Shepherd’s Pie is on another level. The potato is crisp but has the right mushy texture. When you cut the pie, all these exciting fillings will pop up. The ground beef is so succulent and the cheese made it more delectable. My nephew wanted me to order this again. We all love it!

Lucy’s Kitchen is truly providing customers with hearty home- cooked meals that you will surely crave for. To order visit their Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/Lucys-Kitchen-102272294650733/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=0

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