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Kristine-Mom Food Service: Quality Food Trays Delivered At Your Doorsteps!

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Kristine-Mom Food Service has been in the food industry since 1998. For almost 22 years, they are canteen concessionaire of huge companies all over the metro. They are also serving crew meals for airline staff. Their service is tested and the food is great that’s why the company wanted more Filipinos to experience sumptuous food trays delivered right at their doorsteps.

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From appetizers to desserts, they’ve got it all covered. Celebrations at home will be more special with Kristine-Mom Food Service.

Their specialties includes rellenong bangus, pork asado, balsamic chicken, roast pork loin, buffalo wings, sweet and sour fish fillet, misua guisado, chap chae and a lot more. Now, let take a closer look on what I have ordered.

First stop, the sweet chili marbled potato. The potatoes are crisp on the outside and soft in the middle. It’s also caramelized with sugar with the right kick of spice. I even eat this with rice because it’s so tasty. This is a perfect appetizer that gets you going.

Next, the Lengua Estofado in mushroom sauce. I love how velvety soft the ox tongue is, it’s succulent and savory.

The meat melts in my mouth because of it’s tenderness. The creamy mushroom sauce adds to its flavor that makes it an awesome dish.

For dessert, their blueberry cheesecake sticks with the basics. The base is so rich but not dense. I love how balance the flavor is. It has this thin crisp crust that add a different texture to it.

What I like the most about this cheesecake is that it’s overloaded with blueberries. It’s has the right sweetness to it but maintains the sour tang of the fruit. This is just perfect!

Kristine-Mom Food Service not just offers great food but promotes topnotch safety requirements for their food delivery. Rest assured their products are clean and safe. As a family business, it’s their main mission to cater cuisines the whole family can enjoy while maintaining its quality and precautionary measures. Order now and experience the difference.

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