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Koo Koo’s Farm And Garden Resort: A Hidden Gem In Narcarlan, Laguna.

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As the threat of the pandemic is slowly fading away, more and more resort are starting to pick up what they’ve left off. With safety protocols and strict health guidance, Koo Koo’s Farm and Garden Resort is one of the list of getaway destinations in Narcarlan, Laguna that was given an authority to reopen it’s doors for guests to relax and enjoy. Good thing because you surely would not want to miss the experience to be in a hidden paradise.

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Koo koo’s Farm and Garden Resort boast a huge pool that can accommodate up to 100 people. They also have a private pool that can house up to 30 guests which i will show you later.

The huge pool also has a kiddie pool complete with sprinklers for you to enjoy. They also have assigned life guards so safety and security is really their top priority.

Enjoy a massive garden complete with pathways. You can conduct team buildings here and other fun filled activities.

The resort has a lot of showers and comfort rooms. They practice social distancing and disinfect public areas every two hours. Cabanas are also available for huge groups. Cottages and tables are definitely affordable so you just need to be here.

There are a lot of instagrammable areas in the resort, gardens, santa collections, photo walls and a lot more.

Koo koo’s farm and garden resort has aircon rooms, fan rooms, and kubo for clients who are availing an overnight stay. This is called the Baler Room, airconditioned and it’s perfect for group of 4 people. The bed is really comfy but it’s the ambiance that I felt in love with which is setting you up for a surf and turf vibe.

It has cool designs that keeps you pumped up for an adventure.

The Baler Room is beyond my expectation. I can’t believe that there is a beautiful themed-room this part of Laguna.

For entertaiment, they have a flat screen TV with cable channels. The only downside is that there is no WIFI connection which is understandable because the area is rural. Mobile data works though, so your good!

Clean and well designed bathroom is a plus so come in and try it out.

One of the unique features on this resort is the Batanes accommodation. They recreate the facade with stones. It’s picturesque!

I can’t help but to take a photo with this fine structure. I’m sure you will!

At night, Koo Koo’s Farm And Resort is even more stunning. They have pool lights that change colors. Cool breeze and light water is totally my thing.

Just like I’ve said earlier, they have a private pool. It has a jacuzzi and medium-sized pool that is perfect for families and friends. It also has private rooms to relax, barbeque pits, refrigerator, cooking area, and daybeds that completes the whole getaway experience. It’s just a perfect!

Koo Koo’s Farm and Garden Resort is definitely the right choice when you visit Nagcarlan Laguna. Affordability meets luxury, it is truly a hidden gem waiting for you to discover.

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