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Monday, May 23, 2022

King’s Barf Diet: The Healthiest Option For Our Dogs!

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I used to buy the usual dog food in the markets and groceries. Pellets, canned, and kibble are the types that I choose. It never crossed my mind that I’m feeding them with junk food. Most of the commercial pet food are full of artificial ingredients that can be harmful to our furry friends. Good thing, I have found the best option.

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King’s Barf Diet is a complete raw dog food mix. The company is committed in providing safe, healthy, and balance diet. It’s real food that is specifically designed for dogs to love.

Honestly, I’m kinda hesitant at first in switching to raw feeding. I did some research and I’ve found out that this type of diet works really well. Dogs have short intestinal tracts and stomach acids which makes raw food much easier to digest. Natural is always good.

Furthermore, raw feeding improves dog’s skin and fur, it also strengthens their immune system, and increases their chance to attain an ideal weight. My dogs love it! It’s the only thing that matters to me. I’ve never seen them so eager to eat. They are also finishing the meal so fast which is probably a good thing.

King’s Barf Diet offers different variants. They have chicken, pork, beef and satin balls. My dogs would recommend the chicken flavor, they just can’t get enough of it.

King’s Barf Diet is also easy to prepare. You just need to thaw it and serve. Their mixes are composed of 70% meat which includes bones and internals. 30% is veggies with VCO that promotes natural supplement for better digestion.

The satin balls are quite special. I usually give this as a treat. It’s made of meat, eggs, molasses,  wheatgerm, grains and of course VCO.

#SwitchToRaw now! Let your fur buds get the best nourishment that they deserve. King’s Barf Diet is truly the healthiest option. For more information check out their website https://www.kingsbarfdiet.com/

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