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Joy’s Putocake: The Best Putocake In Laguna!

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I seem to miss going to nearby provinces to taste their delicacies and specialties. Traveling for me is not just visiting the famous sites but also trying out their unique eats. Since, we are avoiding to go out it makes me crave even more. Good thing food delivery is much better now at least it keeps me sane. One thing that I desire the most to gobble up is the puto calasiao. I’ve searched where in laguna to buy the best then I’ve found other puto recipe that I became more interested at which is the puto cake.

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Most of us are familiar with puto, our traditional small rice cake. It’s actually the same with the puto cake but this is much grander and we are talking about massive goodness! Puto cake is also much lighter and soft in texture. And if you’re looking for the best puto cake in the south there’s one place to go to, Joy’s Puto Cake of San Pedro Laguna.

Joy’s Puto Cake has been in the business for years. They not only specializes on puto cakes but they also have puto pao as well. They are known for making it authentic and it’s size is just something to marvel but the taste is even bigger.

It’s topped with endless grated cheese that is truly spectacular. I also love the generous amount of salted eggs on it but the thing that separates it from it’s competitors is the cake. It’s like a well moist chiffon cake that melts in your mouth. It’s really soft and light but with just a small slice of it you will surely feel full.

With the proper pairing of coffee or tea, Joy’s Puto Cake can be more delectable. It’s available in small, medium and large. You choose the original flavor just like I did but they have other options such as ube, pandan and mocha. Price ranges from P270 to P450. They are also helping their clients for delivery, just make sure to call this number 88698572 or email them at joysputocake@ymail.com

Joy’s Puto Cake is simply the best in Laguna. Honestly there are no words to describe it just let your taste buds decide. For more information visit their FB page https://www.facebook.com/Joys-Putocake-179047625481332/

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