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Monday, May 23, 2022

Jinyu Taiwan Tea Series: More than Spectacular!

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Milk tea craze is really upon us. From the delivery apps to thousands of different stores all over the country, drinking milk tea has become part of our lifestyle! We now know how to distinguish a good cup of tea from a bad one. We can also determine high quality teas from its taste and ingredients. Good thing, Jinyu Taiwan Tea Series live up to expectations.

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Taiwan gave birth to this beloved drink. Having that authentic heritage, Jinyu has transformed the usual mix  to something spectacular.

There are lot of flavors to try. Best sellers includes red bean, strawberry dirtea, black fruit tea, brown sugar pearl, oreos and mango dirtea.

Every cup has its own zest and sweetness. I love that you can really taste the freshness of tea. They’ve also pioneered in serving real fruit sinkers. Jinyu is always making the perfect combination of flavors.


They deliver to all parts of the Metro Manila. Expect only the best from Jinyu Taiwan Tea Series. For more information and order visit https://m.facebook.com/jinyuph/

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