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Howay Toy’s Cardboard Playhouse: A New Way To Excite Kids This Christmas!

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Christmas is just a month away and most of us are still having a hard time thinking what to give to our kids and god children. 4D Pocket, Inc. solves these problems by providing fun and exciting toys that brings out their creative side.

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4D Pocket Inc. is the sole distributor of Howay Toys Japan in the country. The company aims to provide interactive and educational child- size cardboard DIY toys wherein kids and adults alike can build their own playhouse.

4D Pocket, Inc. is known as a company that uses recyclable materials and paper as their based material. They’ve mastered the art of using paper in a stronger and effective way that you can use as furnitures, office tools, etc.

It was brought here in the country to further promote its new concepts, wherein creativity and innovation is synonymous with each other.

The company saw the rise of awareness about climate change that propels the Filipinos to be more mindful of what products to use.

More than the green advocacy, 4D Pockets Inc. nurtures the mind of a child in creating their own artworks suitable for play.

The company promises to give an excellent customer service to its clients through durable and affordable products.

This season of giving, let your child play with art and hand a gift that will surely last long. For more information visit their Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/pages/category/Industrial-Company/HOWAY-Philippines-INC-261031994419269/

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