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Hotdish: Savory Food Packs For Everyday Celebrations!

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It’s been almost 3 months since I last ate at restaurants. I actually miss dining in, make no mistake but I love home cooked meals. It’s just that sometimes I would dream of a new taste and to discover something that can make my taste bud get thrilled again. Good thing, Hotdish is ready to take this challenge.

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Hotdish specialise in party food packs. They offer Filipino- Asian inspired cuisines with a twist. The company maintain their family recipes but they’ve change a bit the style of cooking and ingredients to make it more appealing to customers. It’s like elevating the usual favorites to form a new signature dish.

Speaking of signature dish, this is Hotdish’s most famed. I’ve heard of Pansit Sisig before but it never been this good. It has this unique blend of flavor and spices that is just right to the palate. I love the crunchiness of the sisig, it has this distinct taste that is extremely irresistible.

Next is the Beef Caldereta, in the picture its topped with all these veggies but when you dig dipper, it’s packed with huge blocks of meat that is so tender. This is a bit sweet though which is not my thing for Caldereta but it’s delicious.

Food packs would not be complete without chicken in it. This Stuffed Chicken is quite unique, it has ham, mushroom and other veggies. It’s like a Chinese Fried chicken that comes with an awesome dip. You must try this out.

Lumpiang shanghai is a staple in most celebrations. Their version of it is so good as well. The wrap is not that thick leaving the full amount of filling that can surely satisfy your craving. I also love the sauce that complements to the dish.

Before we get to dessert, they also have pork empanada. Honestly, I love this! With every bite, it just keeps getting better and better. It’s sweet, savory and crackling great.

Lastly, the pichi-pichi with cheese overload. No words can describe this, it’s just perfect!

Hotdish has their own delivery service so it’s really easy to order with no hassle at all. They do deliver in Quezon City, Mandaluyong, San Juan, Pasig, Taguig, Makati City and other parts of Metro Manila. Just give them a call to know more or check their social media pages. To order kindly call these numbers 0933-8207171 /0917-5967171/89367053. I may not have experience dining in  restaurants for a while, but with this kind of awesome cuisines I would be fine celebrating it with my love ones at home.

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