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Coro Cafe: Baked Goodness In Fancy Covers!

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Coro Cafe is the newest home-based pastry shop in the south. They offer premium delicacies and awesome cold drinks delivered straight to your location.

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They are relatively new in this business but the brand is committed in providing quality products.

One noticeable thing about them is how they present their items. It’s well packaged. They put art and style to it that makes it a perfect gift for your family and friends. This is initially how I fell in love with their products. I felt special unboxing and reading the notes in each goodies.

It’s carefully wrapped and it looks really classy but how about the taste? Let take a closer look in their specialties.

First stop, we have the Choco-Almond Banana Bread. It is tangy and sweet. The sweetness is just right and the banana made its presence felt because of the strong taste. The base is crisp and the inside is moist. The almond and chocolate flavor adds to its distinct taste. I truly recommend this for you.

Next, is the Cinnamon Rolls. Their version is a combination of baked bread goodness, spices and vanilla twist. It has this pillowy softness that is buttery. The roll is overloaded with frosting that makes it more delectable. I enjoyed it a lot.

For the cookie fans, they have the chocolate chip cookies. It’ crunchy and gooey in the middle. The chocolate chip is quite melted to bring out it’s rich flavor. This is addicting.

Their cold drinks are extra special. It’s creamy and mixed with sweetened fruits. It’s also a must try.

Coro Cafe also offers meal promos for solo order. One for everything for just P111 1 cookie, 1 roll, 1 bread plus a cold brew. This is a good deal, it’s cheap and you can taste everything on their menu. Watch out for their new exciting deals!

Coro Cafe is truly a promising brand. Quality and affordability at its best. For more information and orders check out their social media page https://www.instagram.com/coro.cafe/

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