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Monday, May 23, 2022

Coco&Nuts Sansrival: Simply Delectable!

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Sansrival would be on my top list of favorite desserts.Why? It’s simply delectable. The only thing that separates a good sansrival from the great is the ingredients that was used. If we are talking about premium made, first thing that pops in my head is Coco&Nuts Sansrival.

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Imagine endless layers of buttercream to a merigue based cake packed with roasted cashew nuts. Rich and luscious taste that marks pure decadence. Coco&Nuts Sansrival is a dream come true.

Indulge in this classic dessert in 8 x 10 inches, 4 layers and 30 slices. It’s huge! Small slices makes you grab the cake and munch for more. Every bite melts in your mouth instantly. It’s smooth in texture and has the right sweetness.

Want to order? It’s easy! Fill out the order form and send the message on either facebook and instagram account of Coco&Nuts. Wait for the confirmation of the total amount to be paid and their bank details. Send the proof of payment then coordinate to them with regards to the delivery details and options.

For a reasonable price of P715 excluding shipping fee you can already enjoy this fantastic dessert.

For more information visit Coco&Nuts Facebook page                 https://m.facebook.com/coco.nuts.sansrival/?tsid=0.6961729149470242&source=result

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