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Casa Tres Antonios: Nostalgia With Modern Comforts!

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Casa Tres Antonios is a hidden sanctuary at the heart of Tagaytay City. Honestly, if I’m not a research freak I would not have found out it. They are present in different social media flat forms and has a website but the owners wanted the people to know it more through word of mouth.

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Serene, private, and nostalgic. These are the 3 words that can best describe the resort hotel but is more to discover.

Casa Tres Antonios offers the pleasure of experiencing living in an antique house with all the moderns comforts that you can think of.

Fun fact, the old house is originally located in Pangasinan. The owners broke it to pieces and rebuilt it in Tagaytay. It’s like  modern day bayanihan.  So you can really say that it’s still newly built.

The facade of the house is just breathtaking. It looks like it was built in the late 1800s. Philippine- Spanish colonial period pieces is truly magical and well valued today. You will be really thrilled once you get here.

The interiors has intricate designs. The furnitures are also antique. It’s seeing an artwork at every corner of the house.

Casa Tres Antonios also has a stunning infinity pool. Experience a cool breeze while dipping. It’s truly Instagramable.

I can’t stop taking photos wearing my bikinis.

They also boasts their gardens, azoteas, balcony and wide terrazas. The place is just picturesque.

For entertainment, play with your friends and families at the billiard table or just do some karaoke.

They also have sheep to feed. It is one of the most unforgettable experience I had here.You just need to buy veggies available at the hotel counter. Voila, unlimited photos with these beautiful sheep.

The property is so huge to that that they have three level living rooms with wifi access. You can also cook at their shared kitchen and they have barbeque pits.

Have I toured you enough? Not yet, let’s check own the room that I rented.

The room is beautiful! It still has this traditional Filipino ambiance. Flat screen TV is quite huge as well for in room entertainment and the wifi connection is stable.

The pool view at night is lit! I just relaxing with the cool breeze of Tagaytay with the bright night sky.

The overnight stay comes with hearty breakfast for two. You can choose from their finest silog meals.

Casa Tres Antonios is truly a magical place to stay right at the heart of Tagaytay City. It’s serene and nostalgic. You can really appreciate the our rich history and culture by immersing yourself. For more information and reservations checkout Casa Tres Antonios social media pages.

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