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Monday, May 23, 2022

Boba Boom Is Now In Las Pinas City!

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Boba boom is one of the fastest growing Milktea shop in the country today. Care to know what makes them successful? Let me show it to you.

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Boba boom takes pride on its black tapioca pearls. They concentrate of course with the taste of their teas but their tapioca makes them standout. Its chewiness is off the charts, it’s chewy but not mushy. The boba is soak with secret flavors maybe a combination of honey, vanilla, brown sugar that is caramelized to perfection. It has this distinct taste that will leave you wanting for more.

Their teas are also placed in well protected containers to keep the freshness. They also set best before reminders for customers to better enjoy the products.

They also have a lot of flavors to choose from like this Matcha tea. Indulge in the rich flavor of matcha with fresh brewed tea. It’s a must try!

Okinawa Milk tea should be the next on your list as the full flavor of black tea can be enjoyed in this drink. Aside from the Matcha and Okinawa Milk tea, you may choose Thai milk tea, watermelon, caramel sugar, chocolate, taro, and cookies and cream.

Boba Boom is also making concoctions with the use of liquor. Interesting right?! Their teas comes in cup size, liter, and gallon. You can really share the love with these amazing drinks.

No doubt, Boba Boom has come a long way but they continuously improving to make their customers feel special.

Here in the south, Boba Boom Las Pinas is ready to take your orders. Experience the love through handcrafted teas specially made for the south siders. Expect that all teas and sinkers are maintained in taste and quality. Boba Boom Las Pinas will surely be a hit! For more information checkout their Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/bobaboom2020/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=0

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