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Monday, May 23, 2022

Bites by Monix Is Surprisingly Good!

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Life is truly better with fresh baked cookies. It is a saying that Bites by Monix live by in every cookie that they bake. They always wanted their customers to feel satisfied and loved. Hardwork, consistency and passion are their keys in making delectable creations. Not convincing enough? Well, let’s take a closer look!

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First stop, we have the Choco Mallow Spice Cookie. It’s probably my first time to try this flavor. It’s unique and tempting. Bites offers palm-sized cookies. At first, It’s quite intimidating because its huge and you feel like this is too much for you. In the end, you can’t stop munching it.

I love it’s sweet dark chocholate taste. It also has this spicy kick that  matches with the sweetness of the cookie. At the center, expect a massive burst of chewy mallows that is totally awesome. This is truly a must try!

Next stop, Da Giant Cookie. The name speaks for itself but aside from size, it’s also big on taste. The surface is hard so you would think it’s a bit dry. Then, I broke it into half that made me startled. It’s packed with high quality chocolates and walnuts. It has this right crunch that instantly melts in your mouth. It’s probably one of the best that I’ve tried so far.

Aside from cookies, they also have brownies. I’ve tried the brownie bites and Choco butterscotch.

The brownie bites is crackly, fudgy and chewy. I love how it’s studded with melted chunks of chocolate that adds to its texture. The taste is also on point. A classic brownie for the soul.

The Choco butterscotch is dense and gooey. The brown butter and chocolate complement each other. These sweet salty bars are made simple but it’s a hearty pastry. You must order this one too.

Bites by Monix has a mission of serving only the best. It definitely reflects on their products. They’ve delighted my taste buds and satisfied my cravings. So, what more can I ask for? I will just order again! For more info message them @bitesbymonix on Instagram.

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