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AIM MBM Batch ’95 Launched Their First Speaker Series!

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The Asian Institute of Management (AIM) recently launched the first of their series of talks entitled #NotablesAtAIM last November 28, 2019 at Fuller Hall, AIM, Makati City. The event was organized by the graduates of Master of Business Management Batch 1995 (MBM ’95).

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#NotablesAtAim promises to give a unique experience featuring talked about personalities sharing their insights on certain topics and sensitive issues. It’s more than inspirational it’s said to be life changing.

Various groups were gathered to witness this milestone. On the list, is the first openly transgender woman elected in Philippine Congress, Hon. Geraldine Roman.

The representative made a huge buzz as she rage war against discrimination not just for the LGBTQ community but also pushing the equal rights of every Filipinos.

The representative from the 1st district of Bataan is an example of how diverse #NotablesAtAIM is towards its pursuit for intelligent dialogue towards change.

Rep Roman is a proud alumna of AIM. During her talk, she doesn’t wanted to billed as the 1st transwoman in Congress but instead an advocate for a better tomorrow. A place where equality is practiced and respect is much valued. She is also known as one of the authors of the Sogie Bill but she more concerned with the welfare of the farmers all over the country.

#NotablesAtAim motivates game changers to progress “It provides a much-needed arena for informed and purposeful exchange on relevant issues,” said Marc Ablaza (MBM ’95 Batch Representative).

“The third out of the seven fundamental human needs is the need to belong or connection. It comes after subsistence and security, and growth and understanding. Inclusivity addresses and fulfills that need. How do we achieve it? We temper if not altogether do away with discrimination. How do we go about it? We start with intelligent discourse. This is why and how Notables at AIM came to be. We are going to talk about inclusivity in the work place for increased productivity; in our institutions and industries for growth, and in ourc ommunities for general wellbeing. Inclusivity is a critical yet complicated humanitarian issue. Let’s start engaging with it”, he added.

#NotablesAtAIM will surely set a new trend in making interesting forums and summits. Tickets sales of this event is planned to raise scholarship grants so please do support. For more information visit their social media pages Facebook: facebook.com/Notables Aim95 Twitter: @NotablesAtAim Instagram: @NotablesAtAim

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